My first post

I'm not particularly new to crafting, or specifically stamping, for that matter. I've been engaging in hoarding, er, crafting for several years now. Long enough to have amassed a serious stash of supplies. That being said, I recently (yesterday) began a Stampin' Up! demo, with the hope of accomplishing a few goals. First, I'd like to share my love of crafting. Second, I'd like to share my unique ability to stay sane while working full time as an attorney, single parenting an infant, crafting, and starting my new business. Third, I'd like to meet lots of new people (equally important as the first two). And, finally, of course... I'd like to make some money to support my habit, er, craft. I guess, for those who read... you can follow my adventures in pursuing said goals here. Just don't expect a daily update. ;)

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