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I finally hope to get this blog moving... I finished a bunch of cards last night. 2 Christmas styles and one happy froggy! I'd like to focus this blog on how I find time to craft and the tips I have for saving tons of time! So without further ado, here's today's tip... Get and stay organized. Now...if I showed you my craft room right this minute you would clearly laugh me out of dodge. But...I would say...hey! I have a system. I have a place for everything and everything its in its place. Unconventionally. Listen, it doesn't need to be magazine perfect. It just needs to be YOU perfect. Make sure the things you need the most are accessible. You don't want all of your paper tucked away in drawers or shoved at the bottom of a closet. You don't want your scissors and bone folder in a box on a shelf. Pull your go to supplies to daylight. Keep a few sheets of your favorite cardstock in a magazine holder box, your scissors, pens and bone folder in a cup on your desk, or within easy access. I have a ribbon rack. This works great for storing my ribbon when its not at risk of use... But if I'm running out the door, it stinks to take each rod off and deal with ribbon spools everywhere. So, I keep the ribbon I use the most... 4-5 rolls...off the rack, also in a cup on my desk. Think functional, not pretty. And you'll save a good 10 minutes a day. Off to work my day job!

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