And life begins again...

So it's been awhile... a long while. I have no excuse really, so I'll just jump right in to my current dilemma. This year I decided to make mini albums for Christmas presents. I picked the Holiday Style paper line from October Afternoon (LOVE IT) but read into that, the fact that I didn't buy the line until mid-December. Yes, they didn't get done. They didn't even get done during the week I had off after Christmas. To my credit, I moved Dec 21. It's taken me weeks to unpack my craft room... I posted a youtube vid of the "before," which was really just a "mid-stream" view of the process. I finally finished today (YEA!) got my son down to bed at 7:30 (a MIRACLE), watercolored a little Boyd's Bear Valentine image from a stamp I got yesterday, and went for the mini's. Well... They weren't where I thought I put them. Actually, I can't find them anywhere. I can vividly remember putting them in some kind of box because they barely fit. But I have no idea which one. I'm bummed. Pretty soon they'll turn into advance Christmas presents for next year. (When I promised them already!) Boo. Well, I do have a picture of the cute little Bear I just finished up,and I hope that I'll create her a suitable card (before Valentine's day!) Thanks for checking checking out my post! Have a fabulous day!

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